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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other queries, or require any information not covered here, please contact us.

Q: What does this mean for Crewe in the future?

A: Crewe has a proud heritage of Higher Education and maintaining the campus as an academic setting will help keep Crewe on the map – especially with its brilliant location at the heart of the UK’s road and rail infrastructure, not to mention the possible potential of HS2. The new health science campus will boost the local economy with investment in the local supply chain, and the plan is to improve local health provision with third year placements in hospitals and GP surgeries across the region.

We intend to promote a local first supply chain, and our plans are to invest directly in hospitals and the NHS. Inevitably, there will be an increase in jobs on-site as the venture grows, mostly filled locally.

We’re also delighted that besides supporting student and staff wellbeing on the campus, Unique Children’s CIC will also be investing – firstly in programmes local to Crewe – to promote physical and mental well-being of children.

Q: As this will be a health science campus, will medicine be part of the curriculum now or in the future?

A: Obviously, a health science campus provides for, and covers, many different disciplines – just like any higher education establishment – so we will be looking to provide a range of medicine, health science and healthcare courses which have an international and UK demand.

Q: In that case, which courses will be on offer?

A: At the moment, we are looking to offer bioscience, and podiatry courses but we will be introducing other courses in the future. Our plans are developing quickly and we expect that the range of courses on offer will increase over the next few years.

Q: As this is an independent university, what will the cost of the courses be?
A: This is difficult to answer directly at the moment as the costs are not yet finalised, but they are currently in discussion.
Q: What's going to happen in terms student accommodation?
A: The new consortium will take responsibility for the lease of the neighbouring halls of residence on Beswick Drive, Crewe. Accommodation for all our students is very important and we prefer this to be on-site as much as possible to create a supportive, community environment.
Q: Can you explain why you think that this is a good post-Brexit deal?
A: We think that ABHSC is a great example of how the UK can develop ambitious international partnerships and collaboration post-Brexit, enabling us to share knowledge, best practice and pioneering innovation both locally and globally.
Q: Will this have an impact on local jobs and will there will be any opportunities?
A: We are delighted to say that the new health science campus is expected to support a large number jobs by 2024 as it works towards the campus’ student capacity. We will be looking to recruit locally and will be announcing opportunities over the next 12 months as we are currently in the process of planning. You can rest assured that we will be a local first employer for suppliers and employees wherever possible. Suitable jobs will be advertised through this website and local media.
Q: What courses do the University of Buckingham offer at Crewe
A: Biomedical Sciences, which started on the 23rd September 2018, Podiatric Medicine, which will start in September 2020 pending accreditation from the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and Medicine, which we are endeavoring to start in January 2021.
Q: Where will your students come from?

A: The quick answer is that as an international business our students will come from anywhere in the world.

Q: Why are you aN INDEPENDENT university?

A: We are an independent university because, unlike many other establishments, we don’t receive any government funding at the moment. As such, a proportion of our fees have to be used to secure placements with GPs, clinicians and hopsitals, primarily in the North West.

Q: Who is your press contact?

A: Our press contact is Steve Houghton at Redbrick Communications.
email: steveh@redbrickcommunications.com

Q: Are there going to be any structural changes to the campus?

A: We are not planning on any major developments but after the first two years we will start looking at any internal changes that we may need to make. Obviously, we will keep people informed of any significant plans, but at the moment we are not planning any changes that will have an impact on the local environment around the campus.

Q: So how many students will there actually be?

A: At the moment, numbers are still being finalised. The college has a large capacity, and so we will be planning on growing in size over the next few years.