A bright and relaxing accommodation, Booth Hall is a comfortable and expansive space in the heart of the green and natural Cheshire campus.

When moving into a new country and new accommodation, there are a lot of different things to remember. We’ve compiled a few checklists to help make the move as stress-free as possible.


The process of moving into a new country and campus life can be stressful, but it need not be with this checklist to help you tick off your moving-in-day to-do list.

This checklist includes essentials to bring to your flat on day 1, as well as how to complete tasks such as obtaining a TV licence.

Click here to view this Checklist of what to bring.

How to keep healthy

Keeping fit and healthy while staying with us is vital, and this list of tasks range from registering with a GP to simply being aware of common illnesses among students in accommodation.

Your physical and mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance, and so, using this list to prepare, you can ensure you have a healthy and happy time in our accommodation.

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What to Bring

This list includes all essentials, ranging from living essentials for life in our accommodation, to anything that could support your studies.

Have a look at what you should bring by clicking here.

Student Safety

While our accommodation is extremely safe and secure, it is important to ensure personal safety of yourself and your possessions through keeping your room and flat secure and being aware of electrical and fire safety procedures.

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