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How to apply

We guarantee to make an offer of ABHSC accommodation to all full-time undergraduate students studying at our campus for the first time.

We offer a straightforward step-by-step guide to the application process and so please take the time to review this when making your application.

How much does it cost

The price of our accommodation is £7,000 plus £1,000 bond per year. We run a 48 week rental agreement, covering the full years study – which is equal to £145.83 per week.

Our accommodation guarantee

We will make an offer of ABHSC approved accommodation to all full-time students provided they:

  • have accepted an offer of a place at ABHSC.
  • will be studying at ABHSC for the first time
  • require the accommodation for a full letting period inc 48 weeks
  • complete your accommodation contract within the required time: inc where to return and how
  • select a room and pay the pre payment of rent within the required time
    • Pre selection of rooms is not an option allocated prior to arrival
    • Pay deposit & first instalment prior to arrival so that confirmation email can be sent

Non-guaranteed accommodation

If your application falls outside the conditions of our accommodation guarantee, whilst you are still welcome to apply, you will not be guaranteed accommodation. If we are unable to offer accommodation and / or to meet specific requests, we will help you to find accommodation locally.

How is accommodation allocated?

We try to ensure that accommodation places go to those who will get the most from the experience of living in a residential community of students.

Whilst we try to accommodate single sex flats this cannot be guaranteed.

Disabled Applicants

We are committed to equality and diversity. We give special consideration to students with disabilities and we have a number of accessible rooms to accommodate your needs.