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Applicants With Disabilities

ABHSC is committed to working with students to identify and implement reasonable adjustments.

There are factors which must be taken into account when determining whether an adjustment is reasonable. As a result, there can be times when requests cannot be accommodated.

In cases where your condition does not require accessible accommodation, the normal application process (subject to availability and the point at which your offer is unconditional) will apply.

If you indicate you are disabled when you register your interest for accommodation we will use this information in support of your application when you become eligible to apply. In some cases, and depending on the nature of your declaration, it may be necessary for an ABHSC representative get in touch with you directly.

The ABHSC representative will want to learn more about the impact of the condition to better understand the reasonable adjustments you may need for accommodation. We will then assess whether you would require a particular type of room and if appropriate will work with you to see if it is possible to accommodate your requirements.

If a suitable room is identified, ABHSC will allocate you directly into this room. Students, however, will still need to pay their application fee, agree their accommodation contract, and confirm their method of payment.

Students requiring specific equipment or facilities are urged to consult with the Disability Service and ABHSC staff as early as possible.

It is also advisable for you to visit the accommodation to see facilities and discuss problems well before you take up residence. We are happy to accommodate this virtually, via video conferences, for international students.