Supplying the University

Everything you need to know regarding supplying the University with goods and services.

Purchase Order Policy

The University adopts a firm policy of ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy for all financial transactions with suppliers.

Procurement pipeline

Opportunities to supply the University with goods and services are advertised below:

  • Cleaning
  • Utilities
  • Waste management

Terms & Conditions of Purchase

The University has standard terms and conditions relating to the purchase of goods and services.


Procurement standard terms and conditions goods and services

Local supplier charter

The university supports local businesses and has a policy of tender weighting that includes a scoring option for location in addition to the price and quality evaluation.

The scoring methodology allows the tender evaluator to use a score of 5% for location with the remaining 95% split between price and quality.

A location score of 5% will be given to suppliers located within a 10 mile radius of the University whose post code is CW1 5DU and 2% for those suppliers located within a 10-20 mile radius of this postcode.

The Crewe Guarantee

Suppliers are asked to note that the University actively supports initiatives for local people to obtain a range of opportunities in employment, education and training.

Meet the Buyer

Procurement representatives and colleagues from the University will be holding ‘Meet the Buyer’ sessions to engage with local businesses. Details will be published below:



Supplying the University

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