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ABHSC Policies

ABHSC is an equal opportunity employer, we expect to respect the enivronment the campus and each other.

Below is a complete list of our Policies, excluding our Health and Safety Policies.

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ABHSC Code of Conduct

ABHSC expects all staff to conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner when undertaking their duties and responsibilities including involvement in professional and social activities undertaken during the course of ABHSC business…

ABHSC Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We, ABHSC are the data controller for personal data relating to you that we process…


The purpose of this Confidentiality Policy is to lay down the principles that must be observed by all who work within ABHSC and have access to person-identifiable information or confidential information…

DBS Request Form

This form should be completed by the relevant line manager and forwarded to Human Resources & Organisational Development…

Gate Keeper Policy

To ensure that we have an efficient but also confidential response to complaints ABHSC should have a gatekeeper to receive all initial complaints, in confidence, and that all complaints can be responded too with respect and with the necessary seriousness…

Complaints Policy and Procedure

ABHSC is committed to providing a quality campus for our staff and students and to ensure they are working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our staff…

ABHSC Safeguarding Policy

The Purpose of this Policy is to inform staff, parents and members of the public about our company’s commitment to and responsibility for safeguarding students…

Performance Review and Management Policy

The procedure is designed to assist and encourage all employees to achieve and maintain standards of job performance.

Schedule 1: Dress Code Policy
Schedule 2: Expenses Policy
Schedule 3: Equal Opportunities Policy
Schedule 10: Disciplinary Procedure
Schedule 11: Grievance Procedure
Schedule 12: Whistleblowing Policy
Schedule 19: Shared Parental Leave Birth Policy
Schedule 20: Shared Parental Leave Adoption Policy
Schedule 21: Parental Leave Policy
Schedule 29: Stress at Work Policy
Schedule 30: Substance Misuse Policy
Schedule 31: Relationships at Work Policy
Schedule 4: Anti-Bullying Policy
Schedule 5: Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
Schedule 6: Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy
Schedule 13: Holidays Policy
Schedule 14: Time off for Antenatal Appointments Policy
Schedule 15: Time off for Adoption Appointments Policy
Schedule 22: Time off for Dependants Policy
Schedule 23: Compassionate Leave Policy
Schedule 24: Flexible Working Policy
Schedule 32: CCTV Policy
Schedule 33: IT and Communications Systems Policy
Schedule 34: Social Media Policy
Schedule 7: Sickness Absence Policy
Schedule 8: Capability Procedure
Schedule 9: Disciplinary Rules
Schedule 16: Maternity Policy
Schedule 17: Paternity Policy
Schedule 18: Adoption Policy
Schedule 25: Time off for Public Duties Policy
Schedule 26: Adverse Weather and Travel Disruption Policy
Schedule 28: No Smoking Policy
Schedule 35: Retirement Policy