Welcome to the Apollo Buckingham
Health Science Campus

University of Buckingham Programmes

The BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences is a unique 2-year programme taught on our Crewe campus awarding graduates of this course a BSc (Hons) degree in Biomedical Sciences. It is provided by the University of Buckingham.

Doctors Academy Courses

Cardiff MRCS Course: Surgical Anatomy, Pathology and Critical Care Physiology for MRCS OSCE, and Edinburgh MRCS OSCE Preparation Course.


Situated near to the town, Booth Hall immerses you in this expansive and green campus. Offering comfortable, self-catering accommodation with some vibrant communal spaces and a whole host of excellent facilities, you are sure to find a lively and relaxing home at this residence.

Apply for Accommodation

We guarantee to make an offer of ABHSC accommodation to all full-time undergraduate students studying at our campus for the first time.

ABHSC is the UK’s first dedicated Health Science Campus.

Committed to the support and welfare of all students, our programmes will equip you for your chosen profession.

By accessing the latest techniques in medical education and research, and working in partnership with other stakeholders, we provide all of our students with the values, skills and knowledge necessary for a career in the modern healthcare environment.

As the needs of companies, individuals and society at large grow ever more complex and demanding, the need for health experts and health management has never been greater.

ABHSC combines academic study and the private sector in a mutual collaboration to further the understanding and promotion of health and wellness.

Based in Crewe, ABHSC provides a hub for professional healthcare in the region. Our courses offer routes to essential careers for the changing approaches, requirements and challenges of healthcare globally.

Since 1912 when the Crewe Campus first opened its doors as a College, it has been a centre of education with a history of major educational establishments and we are proud to continue this heritage.